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Download the Trolley Trail Public Art and Amenities Guide Here (8 MB PDF).

The existing Trolley Trail Master Plan highlights art and trail enhancements as integral elements of this site. In response, Clackamas County Arts Alliance and North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District contracted a professional planning consultant to develop the Trolley Trail Public Art and Amenities Guide, which will be integrated into the existing Trail Master Plan.

The Trolley Trail Public Art and Amenities Guide will serve the purpose of directing the selection of benches, bollards and other amenities to create a cohesive “look” along the Trail. It will also provide background, standards and guidelines for future Trolley Trail Art Steering Committees who select artwork for the Trail.

In January 2008 the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) adopted as policy the Public Art in Clackamas County Project Plan, 2007-2010, describing the development process and importance of public art projects in various locations throughout the county.

The Trolley Trail, a project of the North Clackamas Park & Recreation District, is part of this plan because the Trail is an important amenity with significant historical and cultural value for residents and visitors of the surrounding communities. What was once a streetcar line of the Portland Traction Company will become a six-mile multi-use pedestrian and bicycle trail connecting Milwaukie and Gladstone. Upon completion, the Trolley Trail will unite neighborhoods, parks, schools, and businesses between the two communities. The existing Trail Master Plan highlights art and trail enhancements as integral elements of this site. To create a cohesive art plan for the six-mile Trail, the County and the Clackamas County Arts Alliance have contracted with a professional planning consultant to develop a master plan specifically discussing goals, objectives and opportunities for art enhancements to the Trail. This “Public Art Element” will be integrated into the existing Trolley Trail Master Plan.

The Clackamas County Arts Alliance is responsible for coordinating the planning and selection process for art projects on the Trail, and will seek community members and stakeholders to participate in that process as opportunities become available. Community participation is critically important in ensuring that all artwork reflects values of the surrounding neighborhoods and cities, in addition to goals described in the Public Art Element.

Trolley Trail Public Art Announcements!

The Trolley Trail symbol was created by Carrie Moore and Clackamas County artist in partnership with NCPRD and the Clackamas County Arts Alliance.  Carrie Moore has lived and worked in Clackamas County for over 24 years creating images as a graphic designer, printmaker, pastel artist and educator for clients including Clackamas County, the city of Oregon City, North Clackamas Parks & Recreation, Willamette Falls Hospital, several public schools, and private clients.  
Teaching a unique form of pastel drawing to primarily K-8th graders (both independently and through Young Audiences in Portland,) Carrie is passionate about kids, art, and the connections art shares with math, science, and other areas of learning. She helps students create enormous "mobiles" of salmon, roses and sea stars that are filled with their art in a project called, "Walking Through Oregon" and helps schools sustain arts funding.  
Her print works can be seen at Print Arts Northwest in Portland Oregon. Find her on the web at  or contact her at 503.866.5507.

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Steering Committee


Ken Ackerman - Harper Houf Peterson Righellis Inc.

The late Madalaine Bohl - Milwaukie Museum

Carlotta Collette - Metro

Jan Fowler - Public Art Steering Committee, CCAA

Thelma Haggenmiller - Friends of Trolley Trail

Alicia Hamilton - Milwaukie ArtMOB

Michelle Healy - North Clackamas Parks & Recreation

Pat Kennedy - Local Resident

Gary Michael - Artist

Dick Saulsbury - Local Resident

Mel Stout - Harper Houf Peterson Righellis Inc.

Don Trotter - Parks Advisory Committee

Jason Twombly - Local Business Owner, Oak Grove Coffeehouse

William Wild - Local Resident


Bill Flood - Cultural Planning Consultant

Pam Girtman - North Clackamas Parks & Recreation

Michelle Healy - North Clackamas Parks & Recreation

Cheryl Snow - Clackamas County Arts Alliance

Task and Timeline


The Steering Committee’s task is to oversee the development of a Public Art Element for the Trail Master Plan.  The Public Art Element will be the framework for integrating artwork with the Trail.  It will specifically include:

  • a vision statement to guide all planning and selection of artwork;
  • brief history/context statement describing the connection between this place (Trolley Trail), its people, and artwork along the Trail;
  • standards, goals, outcomes detailing expectations for artwork;
  • description of resources for acquiring artwork and limitations that come with those resources;
  • a detailed map of key site opportunities;
  • prioritization and phasing of installation of art elements.

Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

October (Oct 15, 2008 Steering Committee meeting)

  • review status of Trail development
  • clarify outcomes, committee roles/responsibilities, schedule

Agenda | Minutes

November (Nov 24, 2008 Steering Committee meeting)

  • review materials from meeting one and follow up materials sent to committee; answer questions, clarify
  • review funding and the opportunities and constraints that come with that funding
  • review and discuss amenities and possible art locations  by Trail designers
  • discuss functions of artwork

Agenda| Minutes

December (Jan 13, 2009 Steering Committee meeting)

  • discuss draft vision/goals/standards for artwork
  • discuss draft site opportunities
  • discuss prioritization and phasing for implementation of elements

Agenda | Minutes

January (Jan 28, 2009 Steering Committee meeting)

  • review draft Public Art Element
  • public review of draft Public Art Element

Agenda | Minutes | Draft Public Art Element

February (February 18, 2009 Steering Committee meeting)

  • review public comment and input
  • review revised Public Art Element

Agenda | Minutes | Guide

April (April 22, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting)

  • finalize Public Art Element
  • conversation about next steps and opportunities for other involvement
  • begin art selection process



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